Join the ongoing movement now! Just one reason is all it takes to keep any of us alive when we've lost hope... Save A Life Now - Share your reason 2 live on social media


What are your reasons to live? Sharing your reasons could keep someone alive today, and perhaps someone you know.

5 Easy Steps to Share Your Reasons 2 Live:

  1. Film a short video, take a selfie, or write a short message to share on social media.
  2. Click the "Copy Hashtag" button here: Copy hashtag to clipboard#ShareReasons2Live
  3. Paste the hashtag into your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media feed (or just type in #sharereasons2live).
  4. Post it to your social media feed.
  5. Invite 10 of your family or friends to do the same and jump aboard. Tomorrow is counting on you.



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